Just killing time, I did a three days snowshoe hike crossing the huge local mountain plateau.
It was a success, but had serious problems with my stove.
I was using my original Esbit setup, and carried just one single pack of fuel - which by far was not enough for to melt snow and boil the amount of water that would be needet to stay well hydrated and to soak the dried meals, plus have a morning Capuccino.
The Esbit works, but it isn't any fun for winter use.

So now I'm looking into a decent stove, most likely one that runs on plain car gas.
It should pack small, wouldn't hurt if its lightweight, and I'm ready to pay the price for good quality.

I have experience with huge and heavy car gas stoves like Bender and Phoebus (actually cooked on one for months on end during extensive motorcycle trips and a three-months trip through the USA+Mex), but those are not good for hiking.

Now I'd like to ask here about some recommendations?