In this post we come up with our best tips and final thoughts about the Tour de Mont Blanc trail. For us it was very beautiful but challenging trail that required quite a bit of preparation. It is an amazing trail that allowed us to discover lots of scenic places. We are going to share what gear is better to take with you, what distance to make a day, the weather patterns you can meet, how to wild camp on this trail and the best season to hike it. Hope that youŽll find some useful information in it.

Some of our points are:

-TMB is challenging thus the good physical form is important
-Go as lightweight as possible
-Go well equipped: good boots and trekking poles are a must
- Bring the warm clothes and raincoats as the weather can change very quickly and unpredictably
- Weather forecasts are not precise
-Best season to hike is from mid July to mid September
-Be prepared for the snow
- Wild camping rules are different in every country
-The trail is breathtaking and one of the best high mountain treks to do

You can watch the full video here:

What tips do you have for having the best experience with TMB?