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    Default Cleaning filter tubes

    At home, what would you use to clean water filter tubes. I have a Katadyn filter, which I love. Vinegar, bleach? hydrogen peroxide? There is no apparent mold in my tubes. Thx.
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    I clean my Sawyer Squeeze with the bleach solution in the instructions, first. Then use vinegar to backflush to dissolve minerals. I have had one that had enough mineral deposits that it almost didn't flow at all. Cleaning with vinegar solved it. When storing I clean it first, then when I get it back out I rinse it thoroughly with clear water.

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    I got a very long bottle brush from an auto parts store. 1/4 inch circumference on the bottle bristles. After a hike, I run that in from both ends of any hydration tubes and such. You can use that with bleach or vinegar or what ever you need.
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    I backwash my Katahdyn base camp filter (bag) before each season...take out the cartridge, soak the bag, filter and hoses in hot water then run cold water through in reverse for 3 minutes...replace the filter in the bag, then run one bag of cold water through the reassembled filter bag and hoses.

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    I just backwash it (sawyer). What does the manufacturer recommend, I would tend to go with that unless there is a reason to disobey.

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    The long skinny brush is handy for tubing https://www.rei.com/rei-garage/produ...AaAnxkEALw_wcB
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    For the tube on my Camelbak, I use the long skinny brush. I clean the bladder with the disinfection tablet that the manufacturer recommends - I think it's actually Polident - and drain the bladder through the tube before rinsing them both, so the tube gets exposed to the disinfectant also.

    My Sawyer Squeeze, I replace once a season anyway, since there's no good way to test the filter integrity and the things are just twenty bucks or so.

    I have an MSR pump filter, but I haven't used it in quite a while - the Sawyer is lighter, and I don't find that the convenience of throwing the hose in the stream rather than dipping the water out of it is worth the extra weight. Maybe the balance would shift if I were treating the water for more than just me.

    When I'm Out There, I make sure that I use Aqua Mira at least every few days, which does a good job at inhibiting biofilm growth on the bladder and hose. Water freshly treated with Aqua Mira isn't too bad for backwashing the filter - it gets at least some chlorine in there.
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