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    Default alcohol and trioxane gell?

    I did an expirement last summer. If you want the details here they are.

    I took some ( can't remember how much) alcohol and a bar of trioxane and gelled them together. I was just fooling with the idea of gelled alcohol after seeing a recipe for some. not being able to get calcium acitate I used trioxane instead as I had(and still do)roughly a cubic butt load of it. This stuff burnt like napalm melting as it burnt ( yes it would have spread if it wasn't in a can) The prosess of gelling it was hard. I took the alcohol and the trioxane in a pop can and put it in a hot water bath when the stuf was a liquid, I put it in a cold water bath until it gelled. any thoughts about this? It probally wouldn't survive in hot weather, but if any one is interested I will research this once it gets warm.

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    This may be an urban legend, but... I've read that diesel will gel in Ivory soap flakes. But a petroleum product is much different than alcohol, petroleum fuels will turn to a varnish inside old carbureators and fuel lines. I imagine some of the trouble is getting the fuel to gel before the alcohol evaporates, hence the cold water bath. There's a company called EZ fire that makes little packets of flameable fuel to start fireplaces with it's goey and spreads across the logs, the logs act like wicks, and eventually the stuff burns out and you get old newspaper like you should have in the first place .

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    that is true it is called the poor mans napalm That is how I got the idea for the hot and cold water baths because I had heard that too. I'm gonna mix up a batch today. By the way we got some neat crystalization when we did it

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    It will, but that leaves a lot of soot.
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    Mixed up a couple batches and we burned them. burned for a really long time, but like you said it left soot, but not as much as plain trioxane. Stuff looks like air plane toilet stuff when its burning. It lit very well when cold

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