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    I was in Costco yesterday 2/14/2020.
    They had hiking pants on sale there.
    $20 a pair.

    Something similar to what I currently use.
    They were a bit heavier in the material but could do the job. I have a pair and tried them on.

    Have zip off lower legs sections plus a lot of nice pockets.

    Called BC Clothing.

    Good price if you need something like this. Just want to say they are there if you have a COSTCO near you.
    And no I don't work for Costco just wanted to give information on something that my interest hikers.

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    I sometimes wish there was a costco closer to me. I see deals like this pop up, and think: those Gander Mouintain convertible pants I bought in 2014 are ready to be replaced... but the gas to drive to a costco and back plus the time it would take diminshes a lot of the value or savings.
    Over the last several years, I could have saved money on Cascade Mountain Tech poles, a puffy jacket, and now convertible pants.
    My fiance just thinks about savings on buying a 36 pack of paper towels or toilet paper. lol

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    Cheap is cheap, but heavy is heavy.

    My family bought me some cheap hikers for Christmas so I'd stop wearing my good ones around the house. That heavier material is a noticeable drag on every step. It just makes it harder to raise the legs both because of the actual weight, but also because of the restriction as the material resists movement.

    Not a big deal around the house, but I wouldn't want to wear these things on a weekend trip let alone for a few thousand miles
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longboysfan View Post
    I was in Costco yesterday 2/14/2020.
    They had hiking pants on sale there.
    $20 a pair.
    Saw them today. 74% cotton ... not for me.

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    Just saying - they are multi use.

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    These are marked down to $34. All nylon. They last forever for me. Ultra light
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