Baxter State Park has a pretty informative web site, and they've recently updated the maps.
The Daicey Pond AT lean-tos were removed in late 2001. In 2002 the AT was
re-routed to keep hikers away from the campground, pond, and library. I
encourage all AT hikers to ignore the re-route, head into the campground via
the "Nature Trail", rock on the porch of the library, and enjoy the view of
Katahdin across the Pond.
Last Spring the Rangers built the Park's new "Long Distance Hiker's Lean-tos"
at "The Birches". It's really quite a bit further up the perimiter road than
it appears. The Blueberry Ledges trail leads south to the bear-bag cable rig,
.25 miles on to a small stream, and a further 4+ miles to the AT junction by
the new Informtion Kiosk. Some of the Rangers would like to see the AT moved
onto this new trail.
This by far isn't the first time the AT has been tweaked in Baxter. The MATC
is always moving and improving today's route, and 30 years ago it came into
Katahdin Stream via the Grassy Pond Trail at the lower left of the second