1 pole Cuban fiber tent, no floor, has a beak permanently atteched, 14 oz total wt. no bag no stakes, requires 7 stakes, but 14 for all lines for strong wind, requires a 58 inch hiking pole099F41C3-5308-4434-8E02-730E18A83252.jpeg
204AA436-C2DD-4B5D-AB11-8388861ADDD9.jpgCDEEC578-1E56-42E9-9284-8E89B05A9FB1.jpgI added a net to the head area to keep ground nats out of my face
60A23F73-1F0A-4E22-8E9E-8FDC49CD371C.jpg I am 6ft 4 tall and have plenty of room
A074CF28-AD0F-4A2B-83E4-93F6C23E196B.jpg A shorter hiking stick may be used if you are shorter in height pay pal only, lower 48 only