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    If you are going to give food to people on vacation, you should give it to anyone who comes by, regardless if they are day hiking or thru hiking. I have seen a few of these things get ugly when some are denied and the "special class" gets to partake. I would think however, your group would want to do something for those who cannot be on vacation and have a difficult time getting food on their tables, but that's just me.

    Proselytizing on the trail using food as bait to get a better "bang for your buck" may be subject to prohibition and commercial food service regulations. It may be wise to consult the NPS and local county offices to be sure you are legal.

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    ... also realize that you'll be taking parking spots from dayhikers who want to enjoy the trail. Consider carpooling to minimize that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puddlefish View Post
    ... also realize that you'll be taking parking spots from dayhikers who want to enjoy the trail. Consider carpooling to minimize that.
    There's a picnic area 0.1 miles from the trail at Wayah gap. I believe this is where he's planning to set up. I remember walking over to it, maybe to use the trash cans. It was a short, easy walk. It may also be parking for those who want to hike up to the bald instead of driving, so maybe that could be an issue.

    There is limited parking up at the top of the bald. I've seen trail magic set up there by an individual just doing a random act of kindness thing. On a nice Saturday it's thick with tourists going to the tower.

    As for timing, I think your a bit early. It's just over 100 miles to Springer so most will have just started 10-14 days earlier. While there is a big crowd starting the beginning of March, I think you'd have more a week or two later.

    However, not sure that location is very good. Many hikers leaving Franklin stop at Siler Bald. A late start and a full load of food, that's far enough. Wayah gap is only 1.6 miles from Siler Bald. Therefore, you will only see hikers early in the morning as they leave the shelter. Be ready to serve breakfast. You might get a few who left town early and are shooting for Wayah bald shelter, those would likely show up after noon. I doubt you'll see many of these. And if they want to make Wayah shelter, they can't linger long.

    The church sponsored feeds I've seen are low key with the religious aspect. Many don't want to hear it and those who do are already in the choir. Handing out Religious tracks is useless. They end up as fire starters or trash.
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    What you are talking about is not trail magic but hiker feed. Words are important. There's nothing wrong in feeding people, even those who are not necessarily need to be fed. My advise is focus on trash collection and trail maintenance. This is, in my opinion, the real God's work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bayview View Post
    All of the comments made have been already planned. We are doing this at a picnic location, I always practice leave no trace, and it is by choice. If those of you don’t like those that care for people, then don’t do it and move on. I did not post for negative comments or people telling me what I should do. That is one fault with many of these types of sites, they do not answer the question asked, they shove their political or philosophical agenda down someone’s throat. Just answer the question asked and move on. If you do not like the post, don’t comment.

    I have done independent trail magic before and have changed lives. One person wrote me later in the season and said I was his motivation to finish. So yes, in spite of what some negative people say, trail magic helps many.
    If you had just wanted your question answered and nothing else, we have a subforum for that

    We also have a no politics rule here.

    Philosophy, well opinions are like...oh nevermind.
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