Itís not really my thing but it is news.

Trail name Run Bum
Copied from Facebook:

Itís done!
22 days 7 hours and 28 minutes of hell on my mind and body. I averaged 50 miles a day. I have no blisters, all my toenails and no injuries.
Last mile I ran at 6 min pace.
What an epic journey.
Thank you for following my journey. None of this was possible without Joey Delgado my crew chief. More sleep deprived than me, he stuck with me through thick and thin! I love you and owe you the world. Thank you to my parents who came down and helped with the last week. To all the folks who came out and supported. To all the folks who cheered me on. Most importantly to the volunteers who help maintain the Florida trail and make it what it is! I hope this inspires folks to go check this trail out, donate money to the @floridatrail, and help maintain it.
For the time being Iíll leave you with this....

You canít fully appreciate the ocean from the safety and security of the beach... dive in my friends and when life throws you obstacles... bend but donít break.