I have a Lightwave Wildtrack 60 pack since 2016, did many trips with it and was very happy.
Now during my most recent desert trip it started to break on several points and had to field-repair it, was actually lucky that I could finish the trip as planned.

One Thing that bugs me is, that the body of the pack is not sewn together like any normal pack I ever had, but looks like being glued or welded.
Exactly some of this glued or welded seams ripped open and I had no other way to fix it than to apply lots of tape (which I luckily carry on all trips).

Now my questions are, does anybody know this brand, or even owns one?
Is this kind of failure common, or did I do something with this pack it was not designed for (like, doing desert trips)?
Is there any other brand of packs that are not sewn, but glued or welded?