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Thread: Clayton Georgia

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    Default Clayton Georgia

    Hikers come see what Clayton Georgia has to offer. Not only a TOP RATED outdoor store but the Hotels are offering anywhere from 5% to 15% discount on rooms, downtown offers great affordable restaurants, laundry service, a Dollar General, grocery stores, all within easy walking distance of downtown.You can shower, have a beer and do your laundry at Outdoor 76 while resupplying or fixing footwear/gear issues! Outdoor 76 will even bounce your boxes up the trail to Franklin NC (mile 110) for free. You can even test your skill throwing axes at Wander N. GA up the street.
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    According to Bill Bryson, the banjo-player from Deliverance still lived in Clayton as of 1998.
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    Fun fact: The banjo player from Deliverance couldn't and didn't play the banjo. He was picked for his unique look. Someone who could play the banjo was behind him and it was the other person playing the banjo.

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    I love Clayton. Stop in almost every time I'm heading to Bryson City. The donut place downtown is great and my favorite breakfast spot is the Rusty Bike Cafe. Get the banana bread french toast - it's awesome!

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