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    Default Gear list checkup

    I'm building a gear list for possible long hike, once covid is out of the picture. I'd like to be sub 10 lbs, but am just a bit over. I know I've gone a bit on the comfort side, but I am talking a long, several month hike like at AT thru. Anyway... it was fun to build, and hopefully I will get to use. I thought I'd ask for opinions on this list, fully knowing I'm possibly opening a barn door. Any suggestions will be considered and appreciated!

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    Note: I have plenty of backpacking experience. 21 years in the Marines, and many multi-day trips on the AT and PCT.

    I do plan on purchasing and testing this gear BEFORE heading on a long distance hike. A 100 mile / week long hike is a short, shake down hike in my opinion. I am looking for input before making these purchases. A bit of this gear I already have, but not all.

    My Intent: Just wanted to have fun and see if I can figure out how to lighten it up a bit more. Putting it all in a list helps. I've tried to include everything, like chapstick even. :-)
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