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    Default Section hike of New Jersey

    Wanting to step off from DWG 5/23 and head north to be NJ/NY border on a self supported hike. Trying to find out if there is a possibility of getting shuttled in NJ under the current Covid conditions. Could go SOBO and option two would be DWG to Port Jervis NOBO or SOBO. Thaks for any info.

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    Uber or Lyft? May be shuttlers willing but

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    Lightbulb You may not need shuttles

    You can easily get between Delaware Water Gap and New York City by bus.
    Port Jervis is on the Metro North Line -- one transfer between that city and Penn Station.

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    It's a short state, just yo-yo it

    Just curios, are you coming all the way from GA just to hike NJ or you already in the area?
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    Hey Tbolt,
    Right here on the WhiteBlaze forum is a list of shuttle drivers by state for the length of the AT. LINK
    Enjoy your hike! Jersey has some nice spots for sure.


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