In this post we are willing to share with you all our impressions and experience after hiking and travelling in Dolomites for 3 weeks. We are going to tell you all of our impressions and conclusions we made, some advice that we find very important, the reality of the weather and hiking conditions as well as some of our favorite hikes. Hope that you can learn something new from it.

You can watch the full video here:

Short list of our conclusions:

- German is widely spoken but with English you will be fine

- Trail marks are overall good, the numbers differentiate the trails

- Variety of different trails is endless

- Wild camping is not allowed

- There are lots of biking routes to take

- South Tyrol is a center of apple produce

- Public transportation system is very convenient

- September is a great month to travel

- Raincoats is a necessity

-Donít trust the weather forecast to the last word

- Vertical rocks are unforgettable

- Instagram shots can be deceptive

- There are lots of crowded touristic places

- Go off the beaten path

- Lots of cable cars to choose from

- Not enough water sources to resupply

What tips do you have for having the best hiking experience in Dolomites?