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    Question So many footwear options!!! Fallen Arches/Over Pronator. Use an orthotic?

    I currently backpack in Speedcrosses. Ive been thinking about trying something different? I have no complaints about them, matter of fact I LOVE the traction they provide! I have never once slipped, uphill, downhill, mud, off camber. I have slid off wet rock and roots but that is to be expected and partly my fault for choosing that foot placement...

    Anyhow, like any other gear junky I have the itch to try something new.

    I started looking at Lone Peaks, then Inov8 (XTalon and Mudclaw, Have you seen the traction on those!), Cascadias, Now I am sucked into Hoka Speedgoat... and quickly getting overwhelmed..

    First its hard to find a store that carries all these models at one location and second, Corona!

    Anyhow I know footwear is a very personal item and internet banter is a terrible way to choose footwear... but lets discuss

    Firstly, Whatever model I choose, I WILL BE USING A ORTHOTIC. Probably Superfeet, but I am exploring customs. I know some footwear is more conducive of using aftermarket insoles than others... If you have any recommendations on insoles please add that too!

    Thanks gang!

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    Good luck, I have yet to find the perfect shoe. I’m currently wearing Hoka speedgoats but they aren’t working for me because of a bunion. After some recent hikes, my blisters have blisters.

    Anyway, the traction is great but I don’t know if they are a good shoe for orthotics as they’re very cushioned. In fact, I was told at the running store that they aren’t meant to be worn with (separately purchased) inserts. IDK if that’s true but it’s what they said.

    I’ve ordered a lot of hiking shoes online in my quest and have also returned many pairs, some that I tried on once and some that were field tested and returning them has never been a problem.

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    After reading the Section Hikerís praise of the La Sportiva Ultra Raptorís grip on wet rocks I was fitted for a pair at REI.
    The first pair was labeled size 10. My dress shoes are 8 1/2. 6 months later, after a 4 mile, 1,800í descent in the Rockies and two purple toenails, I got a size 10 1/2 replacement from REI. NO CHARGE!
    I now have 2 pairs of Ultra Raptors. NO GORE-TEX! Both pair are outfitted with a 1/2Ē lift in the left shoe plus Dr Scholls Active insoles in both shoes.
    No more foot problems!
    PS: I believe the insoles are now labeled Runners. They appear to be the same as the older Active model.

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    Pull up and check out the traction on the bottom of the ultra lone temps . They're 0 drop like the lone peaks but have some cushion. Very comfortable, wide toe box, very light weight and dry quick. Teamed up with green super feet. Has been my choice for years, i don't get blisters. And I never slip off anything wearing them,, super grip.It is very overwhelming looking at the choices available.
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