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    Default RSTBR new reflective stretch pocket mesh

    Has anyone seen or tried ripstop by the roll's new reflective pocket mesh material. The only helpful info RSBTR posts is the weight 7.1 oz per square yard. I'm wondering about the softness/scratchiness of the material and the stretch. I want to use it in a big pocket on a pack I'm making (pocket approx. dimensions 20" x 12").

    I know I can order a sample - I might do it, BUT I've ordered a bunch of samples for this projects and the cost of ordering samples has started to get to be more than I'd like.

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    Something I noticed while quickly glancing this over is: "Note that this is a 2-way stretch mesh in the warp (lengthwise/running) direction. There is NO STRETCH in the width due to the non-elastic nature of the reflective tracers."

    This may or may not have an effect on your project. I've always used a 4-way stretch for larger front pockets like you describe.

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    I know this is an old thread but for future reference-

    Ripstop by the Roll MTN Reflector Stretch Mesh Nylon 6.6 is a very supple, but sturdy feeling mesh with a bright reflective strip of thread running in one direction. It is nylon based and weighs 7.1 oz per square yard. Stretch is 0% in the less stretchy direction and about 50% in the stretchy direction. This compared to some commonly used stretch meshes-

    Quest 4-way stretch Lycramesh is often used for front and side stretch pockets and shoulder strap water bottle pockets. It weighs about 5 oz per square yard and stretches about 80%.

    Spandura is often used for shoulder strap water bottle pockets and bottom pockets. It weighs 11 oz per square yard and stretches about 50% (4-way)

    Ripstop by the Roll Stretch Mesh Nylon 6.6 with Dyneema is a sturdy and abrasion resistant material with Dyneema grid. It requires a fair bit of force to stretch. Weighs 9.3 oz per square yard. Stretch is about 40-50%

    My opinion- I would use something with more stretch for a big front pack pocket. The single direction stretch is going to limit you and you'll probably end up pressing into the main pack volume as much as stretching out. Alternatively, you could put some pleats in it like you would with a non-stretch pocket.

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