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Both my Expeds are older ones like people have had problems with delaminating, so part of me keeps expecting to pop a baffle, but they just keep ticking, in spite of me being pretty rough with them-no room to spare in a small 1p shelter, so they get knelt and sat on a lot.
My newer Exped, the Synmat Hyperlite I bought in 2015, popped a baffle on an overnighter last night. I emailed Exped with a pic, and received a response saying they'd replace it just 9 minutes later.
They replaced an original style Schnozzel bag for me before, and my friend and his wife's Winterlites that failed, all with newer versions that have been problem free, since.
They obviously had a rough spell on the engineering or manufacturing side of things awhile back, but Exped's customer service is as good as it gets.