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    So with regard to the topic of drought, and the passing of the tropical storm front on the evening of Aug. 5.

    Although with in a 10 mile radius there were torrential rains, and trees knocked down, at my home on RT. 3 there was a couple of puffs of wind, and no measurable rain. None. The ground in my yard is powder dry.

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    Though rain measurements can differ significantly, western CT and MA did not get all that much rain. The storm center took a track west of the Hudson River (approximately), bringing heavy rain to the west of the storm, high winds to the east of the storm. Preliminary readings may change a little, but currently show Western CT and western MA got between 1.3 to 2.2-inches of rain (applied against a nearly 9-inch rain deficit). VT, NH, and Western ME apparently received about the same amount of rain, again with localized differences and rainfall lessened moving east across the region.

    Not enough precipitation in New England to break the growing drought but some relief. Recharging of aquifers occurred as hardened ground shed water into drainage paths to marshes. Ponds and lakes levels are about where they were, though stagnation issues are lessened, treating water for pathogens swept away by rain and deposited into streams, ponds, and lakes should be a consideration.

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