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    Before I forget, as you head west after the lighthouse, there’s a sign alerting you to shipwrecks. Unfortunately, you’ll already have passed the shipwrecks, but if you take the steps down on the beach, and go back toward the lighthouse, there are one or two shipwrecks. They’re just flat ribs, but they’re history. If there are waves coming in, you can’t see much. But in the morning, usually the lake is just lapping at the structures, and you can “explore,” or at least stand on those ribs and look at the nails.

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    What is cell service like in this area? My main concern is to be able to call/text my ride when I get near the end at Sand Point.

    I would also like to be able to check in with wife periodically via text?

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    Don't know. Call the park visitors center. They might know. I would think reception at Sand Point is most likely as it is an open developed area no far from Munising. The rest of the trail is pretty remote.

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