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    Default Completed AT thru-hike blog

    If anyone is hunting for some pandemic reading material, yesterday on the two-year anniversary of starting my thru-hike, I finally finished my AT blog! (Although at this point, it might be more accurate to call it a memoir.)

    I journaled regularly during my hike but quickly fell out of the habit of updating the blog due to lack of time and connectivity. I intended to finish it afterward, but struggled to stay consistent as I moved twice in 2019 (first to Malaysia for a short-term job contract, and then to NH for a steady job) and also had many months of testing leading up to major surgery in December. In 2020, my New Year's resolution was to finish writing about the AT by my start date of April 13th, and I did! It was nice to just embrace the trail nostalgia during my recovery in the cold NH winter, and continue through this quarantine when writing was a substitute for actually hiking on the trail.

    The AT posts can be found here:

    If you click around the site, you can also find some much shorter trail journals from the Camino in Spain and a couple treks in the Atlas Mountains when I lived in Morocco. Eventually I will also get around to writing about the trekking I did in Sumatra after my job in Malaysia. Those posts will feature orangutans and volcanoes!

    Stay healthy, everyone.
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    Do you still keep in touch with Etienne? I'm sure he was grateful for your company, as well. I could sense your struggle/impatience as you reached the end of your journey and your journal entries became less detailed, but you really brought it home at the end there! Great read! Thank you for sharing!

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