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    Default Parking at Unicoi, Dicks creek, and Winding Stair gaps on or about 9/13 to 9/19/20

    All, I'm doing a section in a few weeks with my brothers. We intend to hike from Unicoi gap in GA to Winding Stair gap in NC. We will park one car for resupply and vehicular leapfrog at Dicks creek gap, then leave a car at winding stair. Are there any special concerns for parking at any of those three locations? Vandalism, fills up fast, etc?

    Also, can you recommend any points of interest or spectacular views on or near the trail that we shouldn't miss on this hike?

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    Dick's Creek Gap parking has always been safe for me in the past. That lot is small and does fill up fast, especially on weekends.

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    My friend had his foglights stolen off of his jeep at Unicoi last year. He was parked for 3 days during the week. I've left my car at both Unicoi and Dick's for a few days (Thursday-Saturday) and did not have any problems. And while there is PLENTY of parking available during the week, it has been a crazy zoo when I get back to the parking lot on a Saturday or Sunday. So as noted above, if you go on a weekend, get there early or be prepared to get creative.

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    North of WSG, Silars Bald is barely off the trail, nice views on a clear day.
    Have parked at WSG, no probs.

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    Hey Herby, I would advise against leaving your trip dates on a public forum when naming the location where your unattended car will be. But maybe I'm too paranoid.

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