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    Default CT Thru early June 2020

    Woops! I meant 2021

    So Ive got a small window of time to pull off a thru hike right after I graduate May 2021 and am looking for opinions on a early June start date. Anyone out there with experience that would care to weigh in?
    I'm a seasoned thru hiker with plenty of mountain experience (including winter treks in the Appalachians). I'm confident in my ability to self rescue and read mountains, but have only been climbing in rockies in the late summer months. What conditions should I expect? (Temps, snowpack, ice, water levels, exc.) Any advice is welcome.
    I love the rockies and this is a bucket list trail for me, but I understand my limitations. If it's not in the books for next year I'll accept that. I'm also open to suggestions for other trails to thru hike!

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