My next adventure involves the long drive from RI to GA. This time I'm breaking it up into 3 legs so that I don't end up at Springer too stiff and exhausted to face the trail. While I am reasonably familiar with almost every exit and access from Damascus to Millinocket, I'm sadly unfamiliar with anything south of that.

So, my question is: Where along Rt 81 in the general vicinity of Bristol, VA/TN could someone pull over for an overnight in her car? Now, if the suggested location is also within spitting distance of a 1-2 mile easy AT hike that would be a bonus and a great start to the last leg of the drive!

(Note: a "reasonable distance" from the highway is up to interpretation since I don't think driving 8 1/2 hrs for a 0.2mi hike is "unreasonable". )

Damn, I miss Rain Man.