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    It's looking more and more like I will begin a section hike next May. My plan is to be away from home a couple of weeks per month with 10-12 days hiking, then go home a couple of weeks per month. Hopefully I can knock out 120-140 miles per trip.

    Is there a guide of sorts that lists usual weather and bug conditions by month and by state. For example, from what I gather hiking in Maine in May, June, early July is likely to be wet and buggy. By late July through early September is cool weather with minimal bugs. By October or November winter conditions are setting in.

    I realize each year is different and of course will check immediate weather reports. But some general information may prove helpful for planning. I plan on going generally southbound as this will make each drive shorter and easier as I get closer to my Florida home. However I don't need to do each section in order and will go where the conditions are most enjoyable. Day temps in the mid 50s should result in minimal black flies and mosquitoes and would be awesome hiking to me.

    My initial thought is to hike a section in CT-MA in May, perhaps NY in June, then ME (Katahdin sobo) the second half of July and August, continue working south in September and October as weather permits. Nothing is set in stone.

    Thank you.

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    It sounds like you intend to be flexible, perhaps skipping around to find the best available weather and bug situation for each section?

    May and June are great times to be on the trail most anywhere south of black fly territory. Certainly the southern section, from Springer through Maryland, are good.

    Late June through late August can be pretty miserable most anywhere south of New England (and sometimes there too). That may be the time to focus on New Hampshire, Maine (and vicinity).

    September can be hot in the south and lovely trending to cool in the far north. October is great for the southern half of the trail and probably into Connecticut.

    November is mostly wonderful in Georgia and sometimes North Carolina and Tennessee, except at the highest elevations or during the occasional cold and/or rainy spells.

    These are very general observations by a southerner, so look to others for better info on the northern half of the trail.

    PTL, who must be in his 50s or thereabouts, began a NOBO thru-hike on 5/27/20. That's pretty late, but he made huge miles right through Virginia and the Middle Atlantic States during the high heat and humidity of summer. You might enjoy some of his vlogs. Here's a link to one:

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