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    Default New thru-hiking preparation book just published

    I hope this is not in violation of any forum rules.

    While many hikers decide to write about their personal experiences thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, I decided to write a book about how to plan and prepare (I learned many of the tips in the book from reading WB posts and a few posters are credited/referenced as well). I have just published it and I am making it freely available on Kindle for 72 hours (ending midnight Monday Sept 28). I received some helpful feedback from other hikers while writing and editing it, but I would love some more from the experienced folks here (and honest reviews would be wonderful as well, if so inclined).



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    Thanks for linking my BooksForHikers website in your Resources! Are you thinking of publishing a paperback edition? I'm asking because I'm the librarian for the A.T. Museum's Research Library.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am thinking of doing a paperback edition but:
    (1) I wanted to make sure there is sufficient interest first and
    (2) I am currently living in Thailand so I think I need to be back in the US to get proof copies to make sure it all looks OK. I can probably get friends or family to help but I'd rather not hassle them unless there was some actual demand for it.

    You may also be interested to know that those resources are on my personal site as well:

    I hope to keep that more regularly updated so if you know of any good resources I have missed, let me know.

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    Congrats on the project!

    I only spent a few minutes with your Kindle version, but as soon as I saw your references to TJ’s SOBO guide, and link to PMags’ wealth of knowledge I was impressed.

    Like I say, I didn’t spend enough time to give it real review, but I am thinking this could be a good resource— worth checking out, anyway.

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    Thanks. Yes, there is so much great information here on WB! And I am sure I missed a lot too but I tried to include what I came across that struck me as useful. Unfortunately, I live in Thailand so I need to use a VPN to access this site and thus don't follow or contribute as much as I would prefer.

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