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    Default Cohutta Campsite

    I noticed that my local state park is completely booked for next weekend: every primitive, hike-in, car, group, and cabin site.
    I also realize that it will probably be peak fall colors here in the southeast, and everybody is looking for the same thing I am: a campsite away from crowds. So it is with much self-loathing and recognition of my own desire that I ask for advice.

    But, I don't have much of a choice. I only have 1 night to get away, a two year old at home, and a busy work schedule.
    So, I'm headed to Cohutta. I've hiked most trails there in the past 5 years, but I usually have more time to get deep into the interior, and I usually go during the weekday or off-season. Easy to avoid crowds that way. I'm sure it will be crowded next weekend, regardless.

    Do any regulars have insight about where there might be, at least, fewer people?
    I'm obviously avoiding Jack's River Falls.
    What about starting at the north end of the Conasauga and following the river a few miles in search of a site?
    What about Hickory Creek trail as access?

    Suggestions appreciated!(not that I would want to give up any of my favorite secluded spots either...)

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    You could park in Betty Gap and tool down Connie and camp at one of many nice CSs---except the big one at Chestnut Lead trail jct which usually sees alot of people. Although with Hurricane Delta coming in I don't know if all the fords will be passable. (There's 18 crossings from Betty Gap down to Panther Creek trail jct and Bray Fields).

    Another option is to backpack into adjoining Big Frog wilderness and get on Grassy Gap trail or Wolf Ridge trail and set up camp---pretty private.

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    Next weekend won't be the peak for leaf season. That's about two or three weeks away.

    I've been to Jacks River Falls on on the Friday and Monday after holiday weekends and had the place to myself (and, conversely, sometimes there are 35 people there). But it's not necessarily out of the question to enjoy a visit there. But no camping is permitted within a mile upstream or downstream from the falls or at Beech Bottom. The closest good sites are at Rice Camp Creek trailhead, a mile down the Jacks River.

    A favorite location of mine is a place I call "the Edge of the World." It's about 1.5 miles down Tearbritches Trail, on the north side of Bald Mountain. (That means it's roughly 2.0 miles from the Tearbritches trailhead on the forest service road). As you descend the north side of Bald Mountain, it's gradually downhill at first, then steeply. You cross a small branch that should have a trickle of water (it's been a wet year). There's a campsite just to the right, after you cross the branch. It'll take you about an hour to reach that point from the road. The hike back out is steep but not bad on fresh legs in cool weather. But if you have a two-year-old with you, this won't work.

    Edge of the World is a nice, peaceful place. The weather forecast is "gorgeous" and cool days/cold nights for next weekend (by our north Georgia standards).

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