Dale Sanders, aka Grey Beard. At 85 years old just lapped the grand canyon. Completing a rim to rim to rim round-trip through the grand canyon. Comprising of 48 miles and 20,000' of elevation change. Another Guinness-certified record. He's canoed the Mississippi River from source to sea , thru hiked the At , completed a 340 mile nonstop paddle race,walked from key west to the southern end of the AT and thru hiked the Florida trail. He's the oldest to do all these things. He planned on hiking the international Appalachian trail this summer to complete a 5,400-mile section from Florida to newfoundland but covid closed the Canadian border. He retired in 2002 thats when he broke the paddling the Mississippi record which still stands today. There's a Stan Stark paddling it right now at 81 years old beats his record by 1 year. So Grey Beard might go next year at 89 years to take it back! Pappy was going to break his AT record this year but covid took him off trail. (shame). So you say you're to old to do what?