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Thread: Sterno Inferno,

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    Default Sterno Inferno,

    It may have been covered here before, but sometimes you rediscover stuff, and Iíve rediscovered the Sterno Inferno. Itís a stove stand/windscreen/pot setup meant to be used with Sterno, but works great with any alcohol stove. Itís a jetboil for your cat can stove.

    The set comes with a stand, windscreen, snuffer, pot, and lid. Keep the windscreen and pot and toss the rest. What youíll have left is a pot and very effective windscreen/stand weighing 6.1 ounces, just an ounce heavier than my titanium pot and homemade stand. The pot has a built-in Jetboil-style heat exchanger.

    With my Evernew titanium stove (any alcohol stove should do fine) and an ounce of yellow heet, I can boil 2 cups of water in 3 Ĺ minutes. Iíve tried it several times indoors and in the field, and that varies only a few seconds either side of 3:30. If I use the heat exchanger pot alone with my canister stove, it cuts the time to just 2 minutes!

    The pot handles are silicone-covered, no burnt fingers!

    It does have a few design flaws, the worst is that when heated, the pot, stand and lid all expand at different rates and will stick together. I tossed the heavy lid (I replaced it with aluminum foil) and ground the pot stand a bit to allow the pot to be lifted off without sticking.

    With my titanium mug (I could go without the mug, but I like to have my coffee and breakfast at the same time) and itís cozy wrapper, the whole setup nests with the stove, a paper towel and lighter and weighs 11 ounces total. Itís my new go-to trail kitchen. Less than thirty bucks.
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