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    Just finished my first section. I bought both updated map and outdated GPX files which I used with Gaia. I found both to be invaluable. Several times, the GPX track kept me on trail, especially in Honey Creek. Coming out of Bandy Creek CG, I didn’t compare GPX with the map and ended up on a terribly eroded, muddy, shoe sucking, multi-use trail. Stupid mistake. Still highly recommend both resources.

    Lots of rain lately so the creeks are flowing, it’s real muddy and the ticks are bad. But it’s super fun! Lots of fast stretches and interesting/challenging sections.

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    Any word from Atlas Guides on the Sheltowee App? I found myself with some extra time off I need to use and I am debating maybe knocking out the Sheltowee if the app is going to be available.
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    Guthooks notified me that they have finally signed with the STA and progress should move quicker now to establish the sheltowee on guthooks....
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