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    Default Tips, advice and our experience with Via Francigena, Italy - Things important to know

    Watch the full video here:

    In this video we are going to share with you our tips and tricks that we were able to come up with while doing the Via Francigena. Also our main impressions about this trail and some advice that may come in handy before you start. We are going to share what season is the best to hike it, what accommodation to choose, the weather patterns you can meet, whether it is possible to wild camp and all the difficulties and highlights of this trail. Hope that you´ll find some useful information in it.

    Some of our points are:
    - Best season to hike are the months of May and September-October
    - Switzerland part of the trail better to do in summer
    - The difficulty of the trail is overall easy
    - There is not enough water sources on the trail
    - Supermarkets are easily available on the way
    - Trail marking is good
    - Stealth camping was generally possible
    - Wild camping rules are different in every province
    - There is lots of private land where the entrance is forbidden
    - Hostels and albergues are quite expensive
    - Italians speak good English
    - Highlights of the trail for us were the old bricked parts of the way, ancient oak forest, meeting wildlife and getting to know the historical heritage of Italy
    - We didn’t like the amount of fast car roads, trail parts not adapted to hiker, and not enough wilderness

    What tips do you have for having the best experience with Via Francigena?

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    Thanks for your insights on this trek.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odd Man Out View Post
    Thanks for your insights on this trek.
    Thank you, glad you found it helpful

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