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    Default Last Section - Culvers Gap North

    After a number of years section hiking north from Springer mountain, while also working, Iíve made it as far north as Culvers gap, N.J. I now have the opportunity to make the remainder of the trail from Culvers gap to Katahdin my largest and last section. Iíve been looking at historical weather (rain and temperature) averages and it seems mid to late April will be a good time to start north from Culvers gap. Does that seem like a reasonable time to those living in that area and familiar with the weather? Any downside to starting north from Culvers gap the time of the year? Thanks all!

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    I'm in CT - (where the trail crosses the NY-CT line) - and I think that sounds like the perfect time to start.
    One thing to consider - and depends on your hiking speed - is when you would get to VT, and whether that will be before MUD season ends (technically Memorial Day weekend).
    Also, MA continues to have a ban on all overnight camping...don't know if there is any information at this point on whether that is likely to be lifted by May.

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    I would wait until mid May.
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    Mid May at the earliest...

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    I would agree with May!
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    hmmmm 868 miles, including some of the toughest hiking IMO. That's 72 days at 12 mpd, although probably throw in a week of zeros, so that's about 80 days. If you start April 15, you will finish around July 4th. Might be doable, but I would agree with the others and start May 1st and finish in late July. With any luck, catch the bagpipers at the Lakeshore in Monson on July 4th!IMG_0445.jpg

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    You do need to work around the spring Long Trail mud closure. Its April to Memorial day. Mass is quite buggy in the spring. Covid issues can only get better the longer you wait. Hopefully you can get a shot before you head out as I speculate that having the vaccine card may be a defacto passport in some places.

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