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    You might try check out the Paria Recharge XL (I have it). It is extra thick (4") so you can let quite a bit of air out and still not hit the ground. It is also big so it is harder to slide off it at night. Not too heavy either, although definitely not ultralite.


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    For years (actually decades) I used a 3/4 length thermarest and was quite happy with it, having the company repair it 2-3 times over the years. More recently after I gave it away, I began using the Nemo full length and though comfortable as a side sleeper, I felt the cold air seeping up on nights below 35. My solution was placing my folding accordian-style pad (also a thermarest product) under the Nemo - it helps a lot.

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    Default I have a difficult time finding the right sleeping pad, can't get comfortable..

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! I am still in the hunt for the womenís long s2s. Seems to be sold out everywhere. No rush, my season is pretty much over until spring.

    I have a Ridgerest and a Walmart blue mat laying around. Mostly bought because they were cheap.

    By themselves they are terribly uncomfortable but I guess I never thought to use them under a air pad! Iíll tinker around with that this winter.

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