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    Default Light and Budget Lixada Titanium wood stove is must have for cooking outdoors?-Review

    Lightweight and Budget Lixada Titanium wood stove is all you need for cooking outdoors?| Full review and Test

    Watch the full video here:

    This is a video review where we are going to share our new discovered piece of gear that we believe is great to have for any hiker – and that is a good old Lixada wood stove. We can’t believe it took us so long to discover it but here it is our review and experience with it after been using it for one hiking season. As always we’ll tell you the general specs of it, show its performance and then share our tips and overall opinion about it.

    What is your experience with the wood stove?

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    I have a very similar stove but my bottom is solid, no holes.
    I like it alot, nothing like free fuel right. It's great for melting snow.

    If you put your tent stakes across the top of the stove you can use a smaller pot or cup .

    I have a jetboil stove and several alcohol stoves I've made and also use Esbit sometimes depending on the trip.
    I'll take this wood stove sometimes and use it for a wind screen for alcohol or Esbit and works really awesome , the flames from the alcohol stove roll up the inside and around my cup and boils water super fast.

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