I want to eventually go on a major thru hike but weíre talking sometime after 2035, weekend to week long backpacking before then.

My oldest kid bridges over to a Scout troop in a little more than a year, and then Iím back to year round camping and my current tents are way too big for just myself. Theyíre fine family tents.

I need help finding a specific tent and Iím unsure what to get.

1. This would be my primary tent for Scouts for four season camping. I need it to handle Missouri winter, not Rocky Mountain winter.

2. It should be a true two person backpacking tent so itís big enough for just me for weekend camping and I could split carrying between two and buy a one person tent down the line for a third person

3. Well below $400.

4. I want to hit 5 pounds max. Spending a little more for four pounds is of interest but a better tent at five will likely win out over trade offs to cut weight.

I want Freestanding for sure and a double wall tent.

I want to stop carrying a separate tarp for the bottom, so a bathtub floor is a huge bonus.

Iím 6 feet tall so something I can sit up in and stretch to full length at night is a must. A tall entry profile is a plus.

I prefer interior space over a vestibule.

What is out there?