So I am currently using a Bug Agnes Fly Creek UL H 2 and itís a good tent except that to really use the thing at all you have to pound in like 9 or 10 stakes. There are places in this world (I just visited one) where thatís darned near impossible. I wouldnít mind picking up a decently light 1 or 2 person tent that is freestanding except for perhaps having to stake the vestibule. I can tie a couple of rocks to a vestibule but I donít want to be tying 10 rocks! Your classic X shaped pole structure suits me just fine, with a rain fly that clips to the corners. I know thereís really no such thing as a freestanding tent in a storm, but on a quiet night with me inside I want a tent that will stand up on its own.

Light weight is always a plus, of course, and I would really prefer side entry. Whatís out there that doesnít weigh five pounds?