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    I'd like to take a kid on a good out-and-back overnight hike --- just one night shakedown/starter with a cool place to camp. Would prefer GA, and was looking for recommendations. My thoughts so far:

    Blood Mountain from either N (Lake Winfield Scott) or S from Neels-Byron Reece
    Woody Gap to Big Cedar
    Dicks Creek Southbound to the vista about 4 miles in
    Approach Trail to Springer

    I think the approach trail could be the best since the parking won't be an issue, but wondered if I'm missing any
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    You don't want to overnight on Blood Mountain. The hut is made of stone and is very cold and uncomfortable, along with usually being very damp. It's a good day hike though, one of the best views in GA coming down into Neel gap.

    The approach trail is a decent option. There are several campsites along the way and Black Gap shelter just shy of 2 miles from the summit of Springer. A little steep to start out, then just a slow, steady up the rest of the way. Your basic walk in the woods.

    Gooch is a popular overnight/weekend shelter. A relatively moderate 4.8 mile hike from GA 60, Woody Gap, which also has a big parking lot. The only problem is, the fact it is so popular. Do what ever it takes to avoid weekends! That's probably sound advice for any weekend destination in GA.

    Going the other way up and over Big Cedar Mtn. to Lance creek would weed out a lot of the weekend hikers and give you a view at the top. Not sure if you can (or would really want to) camp at the top.

    Dicks Creek south is a bit of a climb. I came down from there in the rain so that's about all I remember about it. I was wet and cold and just wanted out of there! There's no water at the campsites near the vista, so lugging enough water for the duration adds to the burden. Probably easier to just continue on to the shelter.

    But basically, pick a gap and hike north or south and you'll find someplace to camp before too long.
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    Default Georgia Out and Back Options

    I like the loop out of Lake Winfield Scott up to Blood Mtn and back. Use Slaughter Creek trail and Jarrard Gap trail for the loop
    Big views, good water,lots of campsites, and a shelter at Woods hole. Plus safe parking.

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    I know you said out and back, but what about this: Park at Woody Gap (mile 20). Shuttle to Horse Gap (mile 10) or Cooper Gap (mile 12, skips Sassafras Mtn). Hike to Gooch Mtn Shelter (mile 16). Sleep. Wake up and hike 4 miles back to your car at Woody. It's a pretty easy section of the trail (except for Sassafras, which depending on the kid's age, I'd probably recommend not hitting that first thing out of the gate). So depending on what you're looking for, Cooper to Woody is 8 easy miles, broken up into two days, would be doable for pretty much any kid over 8, I would think.

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    Woody Gap . . . north to Lance Creek. Short hike ( 4 miles). good camping pads at the creek. Or: Woody Gap, south to Justin Creek. Great hike . . ( 8 miles )

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