Thinking about a weekend trip to Red River Gorge in Kentucky sometime next year. Would probably arrive late on a Friday and make camp as close to the parking as we could manage, then do half or more of the loop on Saturday, camp, finish on Sunday, and drive home. Would appreciate some knowledgeable WB recommendations:

  1. Appears there is a private RRG that offers accommodations, rock climbing, hiking, etc. In addition, it appears there are other areas in RRG that are public. If that's true, how commercialized is the private portion? Don't really want that experience.
  2. We were thinking of the RRG Loop, 12-14 miles with "poor trail markings" and lots of creek crossings, but great views especially Hanson's Point. Is this a great choice, or should we consider something else? Trail reviews describe numerous water crossings, natural stone arches and other features. I imagine it's very similar to Big South Fork in its geological characteristics. If we spend only one weekend, what are the must-see points?