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    I have owned a pair of Marmot rain pants for over 10 years. they are wearing out and I want to replace them. These are full zip on both legs and mine are lined for additional warmth. The current Precip rain pants don't appear to have any lining. Does anyone know of a full zip rain pant that is lined? thanks so much!!

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    Interesting. That's honestly not a feature I've ever wanted, but I'm curious to hear more responses about this.

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    WPB (usually GTX) shell pants with insulating liners are typically marketed as "resort," "backcountry" or "ski/snowboard" pants.

    The Arc'teryx Sabre AR is one example that is lightly insulated and might fit your need.

    I don't know of any full-zip pants that have insulation.

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    A quick look at some of the more well known brands supports Blackmagic's post. There are few, if any, full-zip rain pants with a liner. You may have to venture into very high end manufacturers for a lined rain pant, though I could not find any.

    Most people I know, myself included, like the full-zip option with upper and lower zipper control for air ventilation and for the convenience of not having to remove footgear to put on or take off. The solution for leg warmth tends to be pants or shorts and long underwear. My issue with rain pants typically is heat and moisture generation and venting it from under rain gear, which the two zipper controlled full leg zippers can allow in most conditions. FWIW, the shorts/long underwear combination tends to work well for me relative to staying warm in camp when there is precipitation.

    The only lined pants that are more or less water resistant/proof with an inner layer are made for winter and below freezing conditions like ski pants but more robust. I use these pants when I snow shoe but these would be far too warm for use in 30 degree temperatures and up.

    Good luck on the hunt!

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    Is it raining yet?
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    If you get 2 ply or 3 ply Gore-Tex pants they can help keep you warm. The heat loss from legs however is probably inconsequential. Get a better hat and the rest will warm.
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    Great advice! It still amazes me what a difference donning a simple pull over hat can make in body temperature and overall comfort. Which may explain why I have heat build up under rain pants as I usually have a cap on when it's raining and temperatures are in the 50s.

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