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    Default Coat size.

    I am a dude, but posting here as its a women directed question.
    My wife needs a REAL COAT,,, I may be shipping out and she needs a decent chore coat to deal with ranch issues.
    I am sure I am not the only one to figure out that "women's" clothes tend to blow chunks in actual work use. All about fashion and fancy fit, bu5t junk materials and less insulation...
    Anyway looking for a crossover suggestion to mens sizes. I can get a coat free due to some vendor connections... I love mine and want to get her one.
    a medium womens carhart is tight on her with just a shirt. So what would a large mens cross over to in womens ? Issue she mentioned was mens coats waste is too narrow. In coat I am looking at I am thinking Large mens,,, thinking it would be a bit larger than a Large womens... and have hip room..
    Any thoughts from women that wear mens and womens coats ?

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    As a woman who is about 5'8" and 145, I am, at this very moment, literally wearing a t-shirt that is a women's XL under a sweater that is a women's S, and both items fit me nicely. Which is to say, it's a total crap shoot and what you need to do is compare the measurements. Anything you buy online typically has a size chart. Find your wife's best-fitting coat, look up its measurements in inches, and buy the corresponding men's version. It's tedious, but sizing is just so inconsistent that it's necessary. Good luck!
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    You are right. Women's clothing is sized differently by brand. It is so complicated.

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