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    I've used the heatmoldable insertss from a couple brands. Help on boot fit for my normal boots. As usually I have to get the thin insoles because the factory ones are almost always too think and feel like they crush the front of my foot.
    Actually been looking for some 8" boots that fit. So far no luck. Last pait of bellvue I got in 11.5 but they are a bit too long, and despite different socks and thicknesses of insoles the heal slips. So far only thing I have found lately that fits are timberland white ledge,, or the Cocur something or other trail.
    Probably need to hit the buy one get one half off place and buy 6 pairs before they change them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNhiker View Post
    if the boot is a touch too big----the liner sock, in conjunction with a regular hiking sock, will help to make the fit a little better.....

    for me----the combo of liner sock really helps out.....

    kinda wicks some moisture away----kinda helps with blisters----kinda helps with padding adding a touch of comfort...

    i also use an insert to help with comfort......

    Okay, thank you!

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    [QUOTE=sam1000000;2280474]How do liner socks solve the sliding issue? Aren't they really thin?[/QUOTE
    Liner socks are meant to be thin, and on top of them you wear your hiking socks. The idea is to reduce friction. also, feet will swell, that is why you want your hiking shoes to be a size or so bigger. I learned it the hard way, loosing a big toenail.

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    In some cases to get the fit for my wide feet I have to go one size up and then I need to glue a tapered foam pad the the inside of the tongue. This helps keep my foot back in the heel space. Its not ideal but in combinstion with my inserts it helps reduce the sliding. I cut them myself but year ago I bought a commercial version from a Red Wing dealer for some work boots.

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