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    Default Bear activity near Lambert's meadow shelter

    Any updates on this besides the normal camp clean and hang your food. basicly is it a normal bear or one that has learned to look for human provided food?

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    Was there recent discussion of this? I'm in the area and the last I remember hearing about it was a while ago (a couple of years maybe?).

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    Lamberts Meadow has a bear box. Tenting down by the river might still be an issue though if people don't store their food properly.
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    Thanks I am just planning on a stop/sleep and move on, if there is a bear box it will get used and I am a little obsesive about eating cleanly. Figure I will be pre bubble so all should be good.
    Got my new from a friend in the area as he said he had heard of a bear problem in the area but it could be old news, if it makes people camp clean it is not a bad thing.

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    There used to be a bear problem, hence the box. I spent the night there just shy of 3 years ago (late May '18) with no bears.
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    According to my wife the snoring should keep just about everything away. if no bear box I would have had to consider the bear can, but now I can save the wieght.

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    I have a question. Should you be cooking and eating at shelters and tent sites I thought you where supposed to eat before you get to one of these places.

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    Lightbulb Eating at shelter and tent sites

    Quote Originally Posted by regular guy View Post
    Should you be cooking and eating at shelters and tent sites
    Depends on how you define "should." Anytime you take food out of an air-tight container, and particularly when you cook food, a nearby bear MIGHT smell it and become attracted to it. Because of this fact, some people choose not to cook or eat at places where campers congregate. Unfortunately, this helps prevent a bear from associating "shelter" with "food" ONLY if everybody does the same. After decades of people, by the hundreds, creating the smell of food at every shelter and designated camp site along the AT, there's no way this association can be undone. Thus, unless there are reports of a bear repeatedly approaching a shelter, particularly during the day, you may as well eat there. If there ARE reports of such a problem bear, I would recommend NOT eating there -- or maybe not even staying there. In some cases, this decision will be made for you, when a shelter is closed due to repeated problems with bears.

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    exactly, and yet much butt hurt had by all on the other thread with folks just keeping food near them in shelters. DESPITE everyone and their brother, cooking, eating and dropping trash and food bits around them.

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    That copperhead colony still live under Lambert's Meadow? I was planning a trip for the Triple Crown and the Guthooks comments for this shelter made me
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPritch View Post
    That copperhead colony still live under Lambert's Meadow? I was planning a trip for the Triple Crown and the Guthooks comments for this shelter made me
    Just take your pet mongoose and sleep with it in the shelter you'll be fine. Or camp down by the river like someone mentioned. Hey atleast you know there's no mice.

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    Interesting - same deal, I've not heard about the copperheads. I'll reach out to a couple of people involved in the trail maintenance near there and see what they know.

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    I saw a bear near there when it was closed in 2016-- my first bear sighting in the wild! It ran off immediately but definitely got my adrenaline rushing!
    No bear issues in the area on my thru in 2018 or my TC weekend in 2019.
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    My son and I tented by the creek in November 2020 and saw no bear (but probably close to 40 other people)

    We used a bear vault. Awesome water source. We were also doing the triple crown

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