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I didn't comment on this the last time you were suggesting it. I think you have a good point, in that the heat from a warm beverage shouldn't be taken as the great panacea for hypothermia that it often comes across as.

BUT, it may also be worth considering that warming your core from within doesn't have to heat your whole body, only about 1/2 of it? So maybe that 1/2 degree becomes one degree.

Secondly, the heat being poured into ones core with warm beverage is an immediate warming whereas digesting calories and heat from the outside take time to raise core temperature.

So, I wouldn't be too quick to discount the value of that degree of immediate warmth from a warm drink. BUT, included with that warm drink needs to be reduced heat loss from exposure and significant food calories to enable longer term warming from the inside.
130F is scalding but can be consumed right down. 150F can be sipped but no way to get a quart down. I was sort of already including that in my rough estimate. I'm 220# and a quart weighs 2#. So, a bit less than 1% of the temperature differential of 38 degrees gets me just under 0.4F and I rounded up. Sugar or some sort of carb in the beverage and reduced heat loss are far more important as you said.

....52C fluid ingestion dramatically and rapidly reduced the metabolic rate