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    Default Water Crossings at Standing Indian

    I understand that this whole loop is not on the AT, but does anyone know if there are water crossings on the Standing Indian Loop via Mount Albert and the Nantahala Basin? And if so, how deep are they, and can they be stepped across on rocks to keep your feet dry? Thanks!

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    I hiked the AT from GA/NC northbound to Winding Stair Gap over Christmas and did not get wet feet from crossing water (but did get wet feet from all the rain). This section of the AT loops around Standing Indian Camp Ground - not sure if part of the loop trail you are hiking is also part of the AT - Great section of trail. Beautiful views and plenty of water to drink.

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    If you take the Kimsey creek trail from Deep Gap down to Standing Indian campground (which I'm pretty sure you do to do the loop), then there is a chance of getting your feet wet. I took that trail as a short cut to get to Hiwassee quicker (running out of food) and found the trail was flooded for a 1/4 mile near the campground. If you do this loop in the spring or after a heavy rain, there is that possibility.
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    The Kimsey Creek Trail and Long Branch Trails, part of the Standing Indian Loop, are wet trails. I recall one bridge on the Kimsey that was in VERY sketchy shape last year. If that bridge was not there, you would have a heck of a crossing at that location. Someday soon, without proper maintenance, that bridge will fail, IMHO. With that said, don't let my description deter you from this hike. One of my favorites.

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