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Thread: MiniMo vs Zip

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    Default MiniMo vs Zip

    Anyone have and used both? I know the zip is 2.4 (or is it 2.6oz?) less than the 'Mo. How does fuel consumption compare? Speed of heating water? Packability any different?

    I own the 'Mo and love it. Wondering if it's "worth it" to replace it for the weight savings.

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    No. The minimo has a better pot shape and a pressure regulated burner that works better in the cold and simmers.
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    I have both. I carried the Minimo for two years, but switched last year to the Zip. It is very fuel efficient and quick to boil, but its really only good for heating water, No simmer. The saved weight was worth it to me. When I carried the Minimo I would only use it once a day for dinner. With the Zip, I can have coffee in the morning and dinner at night on close to the same fuel.

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    See Jetboil Stash thread for weight savings.

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