Ahhh GoLite. When they started putting out semi-Jardine equipment, I was already making my own packs from Ray Jardine's rough plans that he included in The PCT Hiker's Handbook and down quilts using Jeremy Padgett's plans and material from thru-hiker.com. But it was a whole new world when the internet cottage companies came along. I had (and still have) a first edition version of the ULA Ohm, a first edition version of Henry Shire's tarptent without the front beak and bathtub floor (but it died a long time ago). Nowaday's I very rarely get the sewing machine out except for the rare repair, small project, or alteration to existing gear.

But the GoLite/Jardine partnership ended fairly quickly because the GoLite founder wanted to make lighter weight mainstream gear with mass market appeal, and Jardine wasn't too excited about that.

I have a GoLite aluminized umbrella that is still going strong, though one of the ribs broke. And I have a pair of MyTrailCo shorts that I got for super cheap.