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    Default Nobo hiking times for Shenandoah


    About when do you think most of the NOBOs are reaching Shenandoah? I will be visiting there in May and was considering setting up some trail magic at a spot. I thought May might be too early, but I'm curious what you think.

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    Assuming the waysides, campgrounds, lodges and restaurants are open, food is definitely not an issue in SNP.

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    NOBOs definitely reaching the Shenandoahs in May. The front end of what might be called a 'bubble' are entering the Smokies now (hikers that got on trail mid-late Feb). For those averaging 13 or more miles/day (including zeros, etc) early May is very likely. 1-2 weeks behind them there is going to be a steady stream of about 40+ hikers PER DAY starting in Georgia, until almost the middle of April. All different speeds, so they'll spread out as they head north, but I would say that pretty much anytime in May there would be a pretty good stream of hikers going through.

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    May is still pretty early, but it depends on when in May. Big difference between May 1 and May 30. You will probably need a permit to do that in the park.
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    Thank you for thinking about helping NOBO hikers. I'm sure everyone will appreciate the trail magic!

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