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    100% agree on Doyle. And it was hot enough when I stayed there in the 2019 heat wave, let me tell ya!

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    The Doyle is still in business? I had some food and a beer or two there in 2016. I considered staying and asked to check the room out before committing. Scary. With the help of my headlamp I put about 15 miles between myself and the Doyle and hiked all night. I was rewarded around daybreak by almost stumbling across three drunk local girls who were passed out in the middle of the trail with a blanket or two. About 10 or 15 feet away, also in the middle if the trail, one of them had taken an enormous dump and left it sitting there, toilet paper and all. I didn't have the heart or desire to wake them up and confront them, so I kept on walking.

    As for camp stoves in a motel room, bad idea. Never saw the need. If you can afford to stay in a motel you can afford town food.

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