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    Default Long mountain wayside to Waynesboro

    Hi everyone,
    It's time for my spring section again! Thinking of doing from long mountain wayside rt 60 to Waynesboro this time here in a few weeks. Experienced section hiker, I'm in at just over 1000 AT miles. Looking for any good info on water sources, can't miss places, resupply options, hostels, etc. Yes I've got guides and Guthooks but it's always nice to get firsthand knowledge from everyone on here!

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    It's a beautiful section.

    At Reeds Gap, VA Route 664, Devil's Backbone brewery will take you downhill to visit their brewery/restaurant. They also have campsites. I'll have to defer to someone else on how it is working during COVID.

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    Nice section, but a tough one. The climb up Three ridges is long and steep! I lost count of the number of switchbacks.

    The brewery was the highlight of the section though. I happened on a another hiker waiting for the shuttle and he talked me into going down there too. The food and beer was great, but I did wake up with a bit of a hangover. Be careful of those 9.8% crafts! The only down side is they don't get you back to the trail until like 10, so it cuts into the day, but you can still make Waynesboro if your not hungover.
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