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    Default samsung charger and nightcore

    would my samsung phone charger charge a nitecore 10K?

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    it worked with my anker

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbunny View Post
    would my samsung phone charger charge a nitecore 10K?
    That's a huge lite! You could land airplanes with something that bright. I recently bought a Nitecore NU25, 360 Lumens and I love it so far. I like that there are separate buttons for red light and white lite. Pushing the button 2 or more times when turning it on increases the brightness until you reach highest setting (maybe 3 pushes of the button) and then when you are ready to turn off, just 1 push and it turns off. My prior headlamp had multiple red and white light settings but you had to cycle through to get to the setting you wanted and then to turn off you had to cycle to the end of the options. Real pain in the butt.

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    i meant the nightcore power bank

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    If you've got a cord that plugs into both you are good to go. I used a Samsung plug for charging everything for years before upgrading to an Anker double socket with higher output. I don't upgrade my phone often enough to have the latest Samsung unit
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    It will charge it but perhaps not at the fastest rate, which may or may not be of concern. Here is another thread with a lot about it.


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