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    Default I canít leave things alone...must modify!

    I added silicon fish tank airline to the handles on my Toaks 750. Also made my first coozy for the Toaks 450 that nests inside, and removed the handles.

    It works out great. The Refletex makes it just snug enough it doesnít rattle around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioHiker View Post
    I added silicon fish tank airline to the handles on my Toaks 750.
    How much added weight are the handles? They look well insulated, good fit!

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    Maybe 2g ? my scale will barely pick up the weight of the small hose pieces. More interesting is removing the handles of the Toaks 450 saved 8g!

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    the one you sold me... lol. fancy feast. It nests inside the cup perfectly.

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    All together, Pot, cup, coozy, stove, wind screen, and bic mini, measuring cup, and storage sack, I am at 8.65oz

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    I like how the 450 with cozy nests inside the 750. Fancee Feest is a good size for the 750....good choice :-)

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    using silicon tubing on the handles is a great idea. thanks

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    Can't leave things alone? Must modify?

    It sounds to me like you must be a victim of CDO...which is a lot like OCD, but in alphabetical order...as it should be.
    ...the maddest of all is to see life as it is, and not as it should be. Cervantes

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